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The Essential… Jeff Mills

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  • The techno godhead guides us through the highlights of his peerless back catalogue.
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    4 Nov 2011
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    Jeff Mills
    The Essential...
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(PURPOSE MAKER 12″, 1997)

‘The Bells’

For featuring ‘The Bells’, the most recognisable techno track ever made. ‘Alarms’ is a worthy companion on the flip.

“What are my goals for the future? Expanding and progressing the genre of Techno Music by bringing it to as many people as possible. I know that to some people, this sounds like a waste of time. That the idea of Techno Music being nothing more than something to dance to on the weekends is its indefinite future, but I have a different view and forecast of it.

“I believe that as humanity moves out and forward, the mechanisms of this genre are best suited for where we’ll be going. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country, Hip Hop/Rap, etc. are all forms that highlight aspects of human life, here on Earth. I believe that our future won’t be here on Earth, but out there, in Space. Our future will consist of struggling to understand the unbelievable. Technology will makes many things possible, but re-calibrating the human mind is something more complex and the education needs to start now.”



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