Pet Shop Boys reveal details of new album Elysium

By , Jul 30 2012

The titans of electro-pop will release their 11th album on September 10.

Elysium contains 12 tracks and was recorded in Los Angeles, a first for the band. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe utilized Kanye West engineer Andrew Dawson to achieve “a very fresh-sounding album,” according to the duo. Elysium is the pair’s first studio album since 2009′s middling effort Yes.

Earlier this year, Pet Shop Boys released the Format set, which collected assorted PSB B-Sides from 1996-2009. Watch the video for the previously-released ‘Invisible’ below, followed by the album’s tracklisting [via NME].

‘Your Early Stuff’
‘A Face Like That’
‘Breathing Space’
‘Ego Music’
‘Hold On’
‘Give It A Go’
‘Memory Of The Future’
‘Everything Means Something’
‘Requiem In Denim And Leopardskin’

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