The Weeknd features on 'Nomads', a new song by rapper / Tommy Hilfiger's son Ricky Hil

The raspy-voiced son of über-designer Tommy Hilfiger recruits The Weeknd on his new mixtape.

You know the world is desperate for new music from Abel Tesfaye when we’re reduced to posting music by Ricky Hil, a heavily-tatted, drug-obsessed child of privilege who is attempting to make it in hip-hop.

We could see how Ricky Hil and The Weeknd are a record exec’s perfect pairing, thanks to their mopey, drugged-out tales of sex and regret. Shockingly, a thematic resonance is not enough here. While Hil’s contributions to ‘Nomads’ are middling at best, The Weeknd takes over at about the 1:20 mark and redeems the song as best he can.

The song appears on Hil’s SYLDD (Support Your Local Drug Dealer) mixtape, which is being hosted by Noisey. Press materials say the release is free because Hil “doesn’t give a fuck about his label,” Warner Bros. However, it sounds like the feeling might be mutual.

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