Ex-Emeralds man John Elliott shares Outer Space outtake

By , Mar 19 2013

Although Emeralds might have disbanded, John Elliott still has plenty to keep him busy as boss of the Spectrum Spools label and under his Outer Space guise.

‘Scanlon II’ was recorded back in 2010, and reminds us exactly why we fell in love with the synthesizer guru’s sound in the first place. It’s a blend of Elliott’s obsessive knowledge of the past and deft compositional hand that always manages to hint at something we might not be ready for just yet.

The most obvious reference point would be German innovator Klaus Schulze (specifically his pioneering ‘Moondawn’ LP), and when the drums come crashing into the track at about mid-way through, there’s no doubt left in our mind that while Emeralds have sadly left us, there’s plenty more goodness in store from Elliott yet. [via Ad Hoc]

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