Hear Rustie, Hudson Mohawke and Claude Speeed's soundtracks for the Warp event at Tate Britain

Hear the original compositions for Warp x Tate.

This Friday, two of Britain’s most cherished cultural institutions will present an evening of music performances and video installations inspired by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller’s work ‘The History of the World’.

In advance of the Warp x Tate evening at London’s Tate Britain, the label and art gallery have offered a preview via Dazed Digital of some of the art and music on show, including three videos soundtracked by Warp artists Rustie and Hudson Mohawke and fellow Scot and LuckyMe affiliate Claude Speeed.

Directed by Rollo Jackson, Warp x Jeremy Deller x Tate #1: Rave (below) is pitched as “a neon celebration of the dance” filmed on location at the recently renovated Tate Britain, with a bloody amazing soundtrack from Rustie. Think senior geezers in shellsuits doing a Morris dance (with glowsticks) in front of J.M.W. Turner masterpieces.

Warp x Jeremy Deller x Tate #2: Summers of Love (bottom), also directed by Rollo Jackson, is “a love letter to the summers that defined British rave”, with HudMo’s ambient soundtrack embellished with snatches of pirate radio shout-outs, news reports and raver testimonies.

Claude Speeed’s contribution is paired with Warp x Jeremy Deller x Tate #3: Deller’s YouTube MashUp, which sees former raver Jeremy Deller telling the story of the movement through his own personal archive.

Also available to view in connection with the event are a new video from Warp act patten and the already-infamous video for Oneohtrix Point Never’s ‘Still Life (Betamale)’, which includes some pretty hideous hentai and other NSFW stuff.

Warp x Tate will be held at Tate Britain on Friday, December 6, from 6.30pm until 10pm. Find out more on the Warp x Tate minisite.

Warp x Jeremy Deller x Tate #1: Rave:

Warp x Jeremy Deller x Tate #2: Summers of Love:

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