With a price seemingly pulled out of thin air, Michael Jackson’s home and ranch has finally been put on the market for $100m.

The California property dubbed Neverland is currently owned by a private investment firm. Colony Capital bought the house and ranch in 2008 for $23.5m after bailing out the pop star when he defaulted on a loan. Last August the company stated that, following restorations, it was “considering putting it up for sale” for $50m – so the price has shot up considerably in the past 10 months.

Spread over 2,700 acres in the Santa Ynez Valley, Neverland comes with its own train station, cinema and two lakes, though the house itself has a modest six bedrooms. The zoo and amusement park built by Jackson after he bought in 1988 have sadly both been removed, which makes us wonder what you’re really getting for that $100m.

Colony Capital spokeswoman Caroline Luz declined to comment about the sale, the Guardian reports. Earlier this year one prospective buyer suggested turning Neverland into a therapy centre for abused children; at that time the property was valued at $75m.

It’s pretty creepy in there, as Vice found out last year.

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