Kehlani dropped in on London’s Heaven last week.

It was the second night that the recently Grammy nominated American R&B star had appeared at the club, and this time she brought secret surprise guests Stormzy and Krept & Konan. The energy was immense, peaking with ‘How That Taste’, ‘Jealous’ and an emotional performance of ‘Till The Morning’.

Photographer Greg Coleman was there to capture the event on behalf of FACT – check out the photos below.

Kehlani @ Heaven Kehlani @ Heaven-4 Kehlani @ Heaven-5 Kehlani @ Heaven-9 Kehlani @ Heaven-12 Kehlani @ Heaven-14 Kehlani @ Heaven-17 Kehlani @ Heaven-19 Kehlani @ Heaven-25 Kehlani @ Heaven-26 Kehlani @ Heaven-28 Kehlani @ Heaven-29 Kehlani @ Heaven-31 Kehlani @ Heaven-32 Kehlani @ Heaven-33 Kehlani @ Heaven-37 Kehlani @ Heaven-39 Kehlani @ Heaven-40 Kehlani @ Heaven-41 Kehlani @ Heaven-43 Kehlani @ Heaven-45 Kehlani @ Heaven-46 Kehlani @ Heaven-48 Kehlani @ Heaven-50 Kehlani @ Heaven-53 Kehlani @ Heaven-55 Kehlani @ Heaven-56

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