Japan’s legendary P.S.F. Records catalog revived on new label Black Editions

The label that championed Keiji Haino, Acid Mothers Temple and more finds a new home.

P.S.F. Records was a Japanese label founded by Hideo Ikeezumi with the simple philosophy “I only release what I like”. Turns out Ikeezumi liked a whole lot and the label attained a legendary status releasing everything from psychedelic rock to folk to punk to jazz to avant-garde music while providing a platform for iconic Japanese artists including Keiji Haino, Acid Mothers Temple, Ghost. They also provided an essential platform for Japan’s free jazz community releasing work from artists such as Kaoru Abe and Kazuo Imai (the latter pictured above). Though many of P.S.F.’s releases never made it out of Japan, their catalog will find a new life through the newly founded L.A.-based label Black Editions.

Founded by Peter Kolovos, the label acquired the P.S.F. catalog in 2014 and will begin their reissues this year. Working in cooperation with both the artists and Ikeezumi, their self-described mission is to release the P.S.F. catalog remastered to the highest available quality and well as bringing many of the catalog’s releases to vinyl for the first time.

Their first batch of releases will include Keiji Haino’s 1981 debut album Watashi Dake?, Fushitsusha’s 2nd Live, the original release of High Rise II, the Tokyo Flashback compilation and Che Shizu’s A Journey. Head to Black Editions’ website for more information as well as a full list of the entire P.S.F. catalog.