West wants to add sports to his résumé.

Kanye West is not a fan of the L.A. Clippers’ new mascot Chuck the Condor. Chuck hasn’t even been taking the Staples Center court for two weeks, but West wants to swoop to the rescue sooner than later. (It’s a pretty bad mascot — although not as horrible as the now-retired Brooklyn Knight.) Taking to Twitter, natch, West made an offer to the team’s owner Steve Ballmer to do a redesign and Ballmer is interested.

Ballmer bought the Clippers in 2015 after the NBA’s commissioner Adam Silver forced its former owner Donald Sterling to sell the team after he was exposed for making racist comments. Before then, Ballmer served as CEO of Microsoft from 2000 until 2014. Hopefully Kanye doesn’t invoke Steve Jobs too many times in their initial meetings.

Aside from his credentials with Nike, Adidas and DONDA, West is qualified for the job of mascot design, as he is very good friends with Chicago’s Benny the Bull.


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