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'Let's Go Shopping'

(Left Hand Path)


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This is an emotional one. 'Let's Go Shopping' is snipped from Private Property Created Crime, the first posthumous release from Johnny Igaz, aka Nackt, that displays some of the last work he finished before he died in the tragic Ghost Ship fire in Oakland last year. Celebratory, hedonistic and euphoric, 'Let's Go Shopping' is an apt memorial, a rolling slab of fuzzy disco that sounds like Luke Vibert's Kerrier District dosed with an additional tab of freeform DIY sloppiness. JT


'pop, lock & lemon drops'



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I'm calling it: pinkcaravan! and producer Namesake are the rap game Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. How else do you explain the ultra bright, satisfyingly simple sound of this latest team-up, after the equal joy of October collab 'Vroom Vroom'? Effortlessly easy-going, this is a paradise of video game bleeps and sweet, soft flow. AH

Operator Music Band


(New Professor Music)


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Brooklyn’s Operator Music Band first surfaced in 2015 with tightly wound Can-inspired jams, but on this highlight from their new EP they slow down, chill out and end up channeling classic Yo La Tengo. There’s plenty of character in the dual vocals from Dara Hirsch and Jared Hiller, but that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the track's crunchy idiosyncrasy. MB

DJ Taye

'Get It Jukin' feat. Chuck Inglish



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One of the youngest members of the Teklife crew, DJ Taye is nevertheless just as prolific as his older peers in the footwork scene. His debut album arrives on Hyperdub next March, and on the basis on ‘Still Jukin’, it’s going to be something to look forward to. Featuring guest vocals from midwest rapper Chuck Inglish, it starts out more like a hip-hop beat before launching into a full on 808 assault. SW





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If their Akira-inspired single last year didn’t tip you off, Seattle duo Ceci Gomez and Kessiah Gordon craft a very different sort of synth-pop as Crater. This new single ‘Unearth’ has lush keyboards and soaring vocals, all aiming to haunt you. That sinister chord progression will be stuck in our heads at least until their new album comes out in 2018. MB


'Not My Kinda Movie'



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There are big late-era Chairlift vibes to this single from Minneapolis/New York’s NADINE, comprised of singer Nadia Hulett and Ava Luna’s Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader (who also features in the above Operator Music Band). Its slink is hypnotic, an '80s-inspired tide to get swept away in. AH

Sufjan Stevens

'Tonya Harding (in D major)'

(Asthmatic Kitty)


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"Sufjan Stevens, Oscar winner" has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? As the folk auteur signs off on a year that saw his contribution to gay romance Call Me By Your Name rightly tipped for big things at next year's Academy Awards, he leaves this parting gift: an ode to figure skater Tonya Harding, “America’s sweetheart with a dark twist.” This is the sweeter of two versions dropped; the other's a slower, sadder piano lament, but both are gloriously cinematic. AH

Emily A. Sprague

'Water Memory 1'



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According to Emily A. Sprague, ‘Water Memory’ “began as an imagination of the feelings that are floating through the natural world around us,” adding that the song “morphed and cycled and gained memories of my own which are now contained like those in all bodies.” The New York-based folk artist branched out into the sleepy world of ambient earlier this year and this is her first offering - a seven-minute modular synth soother perfect for zoning out. ACW

Words by: Al Horner, John Twells, April Clare Welsh, Miles Bowe and Scott Wilson.

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