Legendary Frankfurt club Cocoon goes into administration

Cocoon Club, Sven Väth’s storied venue in Frankfurt, is to close its doors for good.

Resident Advisor report that Cocoon GMBH, the company behind the venue, have gone into administration. The Cocoon website is hosting a short statement, which announces the move and briefly eulogises the club. The statement also takes pains to stress that Väth was not involved in the day-to-day running of the club, and bears no responsibility for the venue’s declining fortunes.

Cocoon Club, set up in the wake of the success of Väth Cocoon Recordings imprint,  has been servicing techno fans since 2004. The German press has apparently been filing reports about the club’s impending demise for some time.

The full statement statement reads as follows:

Cocoon Music Event GmbH and Cocoon Artist Booking UG are independent and separate companies, in substance as well as financially, economically and regarding the employed staff. 

The situation at CocoonClub GmbH & Co. KG does not affect the business operations of Cocoon Music Event GmbH and Cocoon Artist Booking UG in any way.

CocoonClub GmbH & Co. KG is solely a licensee of the brand “Cocoon”. 

At CocoonClub GmbH & Co. KG, Sven Väth is just a partner who is holding a share of the GmbH. Furthermore, he is the visionary, ideas provider and advising musical curator behind the club concept, but he was never involved in any daily business operations.

Out of the wish to re-establish a trendy club of international format for electronic music in Frankfurt, Sven Väth has, together with other partners, decided to develop a club concept for the new millennium. The highly ambitious project, that has no equal world-wide, became an icon of modern clubbing in no time and has set standards and trends regarding design, sound and star-awarded cuisine. 

We deeply regret the possible loss of jobs and strongly hope that the institution “CocoonClub” can be preserved for Frankfurt’s nightlife.

Arriving in the wake of restrictive new copyright laws and the closure of Berlin art hub Tacheles, the announcement is yet more bad news for Germany’s increasingly beleagured club community.

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