Welcome to the new FACT site.

As with every time you launch a site, it’s not perfect yet, and our priority this week is fixing the various bugs that still remain. That said, we hope you agree that it looks a lot better, and yes, it’s finally mobile responsive (albeit with certain issues – again, these will be prioritised this week).

A brief summary of how the new site works: the four lead articles on the homepage are picked by us, while the rest of the homepage is ranked by popularity. If you want to browse chronologically, by the latest articles posted on the website, you can scroll through the Latest Stories tab on the left. And if you’re reading an article, you can catch up on the latest articles by scrolling past Related Stories at the bottom of the post. The site’s layout also reacts to the size of your browser window. Feedback is welcomed: please hit us up in the comments section (below Related Stories) with your thoughts.

This also seems a good time to welcome several new full-time recruits to FACT: Miles Bowe joins Chris Kelly and features editor John Twells on our US team, Scott Wilson joins Chal Ravens in our UK news department, and Aidan Bennison has been Australian editor for several months now. We’ll also be expanding FACT TV over the next few months: expect more long-form documentaries, live sessions and tech shows for starters.

Our traffic’s at an all-time high, and we’re excited about the year ahead. Hope you are too.

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