Welcome to one of the year’s weirdest FACT mixes.

With his early releases on Samurai and Exit, it was once easiest to tie New Zealand’s Fis to drum and bass – albeit drum and bass at its absolute weirdest. Although its lines were distorted and chewed up by the time tracks were committed to record, there was at least some semblance of a 160bpm grid still present. On his recent releases, however, it feels like that grid was never there in the first place: the freeform experiments of this summer’s debut album The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now have more in common with Oneohtrix Point Never or The Sprawl, building layers of weirdness to ecstatic climaxes.

Fis’s FACT mix is, well, pretty fucked up. There’s haunting woodwind, cascades of screeching synths, steelworks collapsing and moments of beautiful calm. At one point, everything falls away but a typewriter, only for its keys to be engulfed by voices as angelic as they are satanic. Listen alone, in the dark.

Londoners can catch Fis playing Clock Strikes 13’s Liberation Technologies party on Friday October 23 with Powell, Container, Lukid, Julianna Huxtable and more. For more info and tickets, head here.

Rob Thorne – Whaia te Maramatanga – Tuatahi
Yair Elazar Glotman – Agnosia
Fis – Root Collars
Fis – Sieve Stack
Fis – Treat Inner Eris
KOTARE – White Rain
Fis – Old Beats Medley
Fis – Klen
Fis – Frost Pocket
PYUR – Epoch Sinus II



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