A major step-up from the Travelodge.

A disused Art Deco building in North London is set to reopen as the capital’s first “hotel for artists” early next year. Green Rooms will give musicians a chance to socialise and rehearse while they are on the road, according to hotel boss Nick Hartwright.

“There’s nowhere in London that’s specifically for artists to stay, where they can meet each other, practice, perform and stay under one roof,” says Hartwright. “Green Rooms will offer all of that.”

The 22-room hotel, built in the former headquarters of The North Metropolitan Power and Electricity Company, will have a restaurant, bar and exhibition and performance space.

“The lobby will have a Hoxton Hotel vibe to it where people can hang out, have meetings, work and eat,” says Hartwright, who previously set up The Mill Co. Project to provide studios and workspaces for artists and small creative businesses.

The hotel also promises a monthly programme of community events led by artists and performers staying in the hotel. Rooms will start at £45 a night at the hotel, which soft launches in March 2016. [via The Spaces]

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