Owners promise “worthy successors” will reopen the store under a new name.

The owners of San Francisco’s beloved Aquarius Records have announced they will close down next month after more than 40 years of business.

Aquarius built a strong reputation for its unique selection and support of Bay Area artists and remains the city’s oldest independent record store. Fortunately, when owners Andee Connors and Allan Horrocks shared the bad news, there was plenty of good to go along with it.

The business has been sold to local reissue label Superior Viaduct (who recently appeared in our best reissues column) who will re-open it as a second location for their Oakland record store Stranded. Connors and Horrocks say the new ownership will bring “many exciting changes & improvements are on the way” as well as an expanded selection of new and used vinyl.

“While our decision wasn’t an easy one, we’re super happy that we’ve found the right people to work with the current aQuarius staff to carry on aQ’s unique mission and legacy of “getting the music to the people,” they write.

The pair also aim to keep the spirit of the original store alive by releasing something they’ve always wanted to make: a “Big Book of aQ Reviews”.

Aquarius will shut down July 4. Read the full statement here and learn more about the new owners on Superior Viaduct’s website.