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FACT mix 579: Jenny Hval

Norway’s Jenny Hval has had a strong 2016.

Back in September Hval released Blood Bitch, her sixth solo album (her first two were released under the Rockettothesky moniker) and her most outstanding to date, a blend of occult electronics, cinematic references and Hval’s haunting, unforgettable voice.

Since the mid-00s, Hval has been developing a unique voice, fusing a wide array of influences – from harsh noise and power electronics to vintage folk and shoegaze – to create music that would sound alien if it wasn’t so grounded in Hval’s own personal experiences.

On Blood Bitch, Hval augments her bold message with elements cribbed from ‘70s vampire movies and the result is almost like a fairytale – eerie and unsettling and packed with hidden layers that reveal themselves over time.

Hval’s debut FACT mix continues some of Blood Bitch‘s themes, kicking off with an except from Luboš Fišer’s acclaimed soundtrack to the surreal Valerie and her Week of Wonders before moving into decaying ambience from Ariel Kalma, Lush’s crashing guitars, minimal techno from Sustain Release founder Aurora Halal and more movie snippets.

If you’ve worn out Blood Bitch already, this mix is the ideal addendum.

Blood Bitch is available now on Sacred Bones.


Valerie and her Week of Wonders (excerpt from film, music by Luboš Fišer)
Ariel Kalma – ‘Bakafrica’
This Heat – ‘Not Waving’
The Girl With The Crystal Plumage (excerpt from soundtrack, music by Ennio Morricone)
Lush – ‘Sunbathing’
Aurora Halal – ‘Overpass’
Jessica Sligter – ‘Run, Now’ (live in Oslo December 2015)
Christina Carter live at Aquarius Record Store, San Francisco 2010
Fruit of Paradise (excerpt from film, music by Zdeňka Liška)
Milton Nascimento – ‘San Vicente’
The Girl With The Crystal Plumage (short return of the same excerpt from soundtrack, music by Ennio Morricone)
Johanna M. Beyer – ‘Music Of The Spheres’



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