FACT mix 617: Machine Woman

Berlin’s Machine Woman twists techno and house into abstract shapes on a mix of mechanical grit and gristle.

Machine Woman is Russian-born Anastasia Vtorova, a Berlin-based DJ and producer with a love of strange, mechanical sounds and an irreverent sense of humor, evident in her appreciation of EDM sample packs and track titles like ‘I Want To Fuck Tech House’.

Vtorova began her musical career playing in punk and noise bands, but gravitated towards electronic music after picking up Ableton Live. After several cassette releases and an EP of abstract techno on Peder Mannerfelt’s label came last year’s brilliant Genau House, a record of dusky techno inspired by failed Tinder dates and being turned away from clubs in Berlin.

When Lobster Comes Home – Vtorova’s recent EP for Technicolour – takes another sideways look at techno culture and delivers her best set of tracks yet, including the soaring house cut (and tribute to her favorite club bouncer) ‘Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved’ and the breakneck weirdness of ‘But It Was Like 30 Intros In A Row’.

Vtorova’s FACT mix is the perfect snapshot of her playful take on techno, combining several of her own unreleased tracks with the music of rising artists such as Sissel Wincent, Cera Khin, Yaeji and Object Blue.


Machine Woman – ‘NY and Chicago’
Machine Woman – ‘Im just messing with some loop packs here babe’
Herron – ‘Force Of Habit’
Yaeji – ‘Feel It Out’ (Nick Godmode remix)
DJ Dolfin Snare 808 machine – ‘minimal house 128’
Illum Sphere – ‘Wounded’ (Fotomachine remix)
ENSAMBLE – ‘High Ordeal’ (Sissel Wincent remix)
Cera Khin – ‘Frogs in my bed’
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – ‘Peugeot Driver’
Jadir Zarate – ‘Breathe Under Water’
Object Blue – ‘In the station of the metro’
Yaeji – Guap (Mall Grab cover)

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