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FACT mix 672: Rian Treanor

Yorkshire’s Rian Treanor returns from a month-long residency in Uganda with a blistering FACT mix full of unreleased abstract African rave pressure.

Since 2015, Rotherham’s Rian Treanor has been reforming club music in his own image, taking familiar rhythms and reforming them with his very particular set of digital processes.

With a handful of releases on Manchester’s The Death of Rave imprint and a crushing 12″ on Warp sublabel Arcola earlier this year, Treanor has developed his own unique sound in a surprisingly short space of time. Never losing sight of the dancefloor, he’s managed to inject experimental music with undeniable rave energy, and refract body-shaking club music through mind-alteringly complex prisms.

Treanor has even managed to put his own spin on Whigfield’s corny hit ‘Saturday Night’ and Yello’s Risky Business chart topper ‘Oh Yeah’ on this year’s whitelabel release RAVEDIT.

Over the last month, Treanor has been based in Uganda, working with musicians in Kampala and Jinja for the Nyege Nyege festival. This very special FACT mix collects some of the music he’s managed to acquire on the trip, from local Acholi constructions to rare unreleased collaborations featuring Nyege Nyege’s Sisso, Errorsmith, DJ Morgiana and more.

Rian Treanor will be performing at this year’s No Bounds festival, which takes place in Sheffield on October 12-14. For more information and tickets head to the No Bounds site.


Bamba Pana – ‘Kusini’
Rehema Tajiri – ‘GOMA’
Jay Mita – ‘wAJUKUU wAUSWAZI_sONG WANGA’ (unreleased)
Jay Mita – ‘185 chizi’ (from Jay Mita x Sisso x Errorsmith collab)
Bamba Pana – ‘Spina’
Spooky J & OTIM ALPHA – ‘Untitled’ (unreleased)
Modern Institute – ‘quicksilver lips no vox’ (unreleased)
Slikback – ‘STANDARD’ (unreleased)
Modern Institute – ‘hope youre having a better day than I have’ (unreleased)
Spooky J & Wilstone B – ‘Untitled’ (unreleased)
Rian Treanor & Ocen James – ‘Rec-18.08.06-20h01m24s’ (unreleased)
DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess – ‘Psalm 3 – Verse 1: To Evacuate Is Difficult And Infrequent’
Rian Treanor – ‘RT Non-cyclical Version’ (unreleased)
DJ Morgiana & Slikback – Organic Sexuality (unreleased)
Northern King (Ocen James) – ‘Bila Too oko ai yang’ (unreleased)
OJ Murugut – ‘Kwan Ber lakubukubu’
OTIM ALPHA – ‘lok lobo cwero cwinya’
Secular Musics of South Yorkshire – ’21’

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