Atoms for Peace shares B-side 'What The Eyeballs Did' via website easter egg

The Thom Yorke-fronted supergroup gives away a B-side.

As part of the announcement of debut album AMOK, Atoms for Peace launched an interactive website which reveals that the eyeball-like meteors of the album’s cover are raining down on a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

Yorke said via a statement that the band “put something new on the website for you to stare at etc for a while,” but the band did more than that. As Spin reports, a download of ‘Default’ B-side ‘What The Eyeballs Did’ is hidden in the landscape.

Here’s a hint: scroll all the way to the right and look for LA’s Union Station clock tower. AMOK is due out February 25/26, depending on where you live.

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