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J Dilla’s record collection for sale on eBay

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    22 Jan 2013
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    J Dilla
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J Dilla's record collection for sale on eBay

Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey will sell portions of her son’s record collection.

Here’s an interesting opportunity for crate-diggers and Dilla aficionados alike (obviously, there’s a bit of overlap there): the late producer’s mother is selling portions of his record collection in a series of weekly eBay sales.

This part of his collection has had quite the journey, first being rescued from a flooded Detroit basement, before being moved to a storage unit, and eventually forgotten about as Ma Dukes went to LA to care for her ailing son. As Egotripland reports, some of the records even ended up in a record store sale bin before being reunited with their rightful owner.

Prospective buyers should note that Dilla’s “test pressings, personal recordings, personal items, tapes, along with a large portion of the record collection” will not be part of the sale, as Ma Dukes will hold onto them for “inclusion in a possible future Hip Hop museum and upcoming record release projects.”

However, buyers will receive signed certificates of authenticity and an “LP originally bought by Dilla … still in the loose bag Dilla put all his records in.” Unchecked for defects, buyers will “receive it just as it was in Dillas collection, possible writing on covers, old price tags, fingerprints and all.”

If the chance to own a part of Dilla’s collection is too much to pass up, caveats and all, each randomly selected record will cost $29.99, available on eBay.


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