A poetic reflection on Black masculinity in crisis from the multi-disciplinary artist and choreographer.

CRXSS PLATFXRM founder Ivan Michael Blackstock has shared Traplord Have Mercy, a poignant and probing exploration of social disenfranchisement, described by the multi-disciplinary artist and choreographer as “a poetic reflection on Black masculinity in crisis.”

Drawing together aggressive movement, frenetic editing, grainy camerawork and fire and brimstone spoken word from Magero into a raw and uncompromising vision, Blackstock captures a potent portrait of both seething machismo and desperate vulnerability.

In his own words, the work “explores questions of identity, faith, abandonment and Black masculinity”, while navigating “a world in which socially disenfranchised young men grapple with some of the biggest philosophical questions of our time in their own way and on their own terms.”

For more information about Ivan Michael Blackstock and his work you can check out the CRXSS PLATFXRM website and follow him on Instagram.

Traplord Have Mercy Credits:

Director – Ivan Michael Blackstock 
Co-Directors – Josh Best, Dominant 
Cinematography – Josh Best, Joseph Edwards, Sean Frames 
Editor – Izaak Brandt (IHB FILMS) 
Music – Ivan Michael Blackstock, Dominant
Choreography – Ivan Michael Blackstock
Spoken Word – Magero 
Cast – Stefano A. Addae, Ivan Michael Blackstock, Simeon Campbell-Crichlow, Dominant, Warren ‘Wild G’ Gordon-Powell, Tyrone Issac-Stuart, Lisandro Leonel, Nathan Marsh, Magero, Theophillus ‘Godson’ Oloyade, Chaldon Williams

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