Fact’s S/S 2023 issue can be bought now from The Vinyl Factory’s online shop, the exhibitions at 180 Studios or from the stockists listed at the bottom of the page.

Gabriel Massan & LYZZA, Jon Rafman, Kali Malone and Gabriel Moses feature on the cover of Fact’s S/S 2023 issue, which also focuses on the artists pushing video games into exciting, unexpected directions.

Inside this issue of the freshly redesigned Fact is an original artistic contribution by Jon Rafman, whose computer-generated fever dream Minor Daemon recently exhibited at 180 Studios. This was also the setting for the cover photoshoot with Gabriel Massan and LYZZA, whose accompanying interview details Massan’s Third World, which they describe as a “consciousness-raising game that explores Black-indigenous Brazilian experience.”

Elsewhere in Fact issue five, we shine a light on the absurd genius of Theo Triantafyllidis, whose works typically consist of immersive environments which double as humorous social commentary on the neoliberal forces shaping the internet today, and artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, who discusses how her art investigates the ways in which digital media and technologies are an extension of our material existences.

In addition, Hans Ulrich Obrist asks a range of artists what elements every good video game should have, and we take a retro-futurist look at our Future Shock exhibition as we prepare to launch a virtual version created by the artist Weirdcore. Beyond art and gaming, Fact’s new issue also celebrates the unique and diverse artistic visions of Kali Malone and Martine Syms, as well as Campbell Addy and Gabriel Moses, who recently held acclaimed solo exhibitions at 180 Studios.

Fact’s S/S 2023 issue can be bought direct from The Vinyl Factory’s online shop, from Boutique Mags, the exhibitions at 180 Studios or from the stockists listed below.


180 The Strand, London
Artwords, Broadway, London 
Artwords, Riv St, London  
Barbican News, London   
Charlotte St News, London   
Good News, London  
Magazine Brighton, Brighton   
MagCulture, London   
Magma, Covent Garden, London   
Magnum News, London    
Phonica Records, London 
Rainbow News, London   
Rare Mags, Stockport   
Stack Mags, London  
Unearthed Sounds, Poole  
Unique Magazines, Newcastle  
Village, Leeds 
Actual Source, Provo   
Amen, Madrid  
Athenaeum, Amsterdam    
Basheer Graphic, Singapore  
Eslite, Taiwan    
Garage, Moscow
Podipisne, St Petersburg    
Gudberg Nerger,  Hamburg
LMDS, Shanghai   
More More Artbook, Shanghai   
Odd Kiosk, Barcelona  
Papercut, Stockholm  
Post Nothing, Bogota   
Print Matters, Zurich   
Readallion, Kyiv    
Reading Room, Milan  
Rosa Wolf, Berlin    
Sendpoints, China   
Skylight Books, LA    
Smoke Signals, San Francisco  
Top Hat & Tales, Faversham  
Tonic UK, London 
Journals, Sydney 
Mag Nation, Melbourne 
IMS Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp 
IMS Kaasrui, Antwerp
IMS, Hasselt 
Megusta Utrecht, Netherlands
Magalleria, Bath                                       
Marsell Paradiso, Milan
Barnes Noble (Various) USA                   
Books a Million (Various) USA
Allscript, Singapore

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