Aphex Twin
has revealed that he has “six albums completed” in an interview with Another Man.

Talking to the style magazine in its Autumn/Winter 2010 issue, a seemingly relaxed Richard D. James offered his views on the creative life and extolled the virtues of residing in Scotland after time spent in Cornwall and London. Asked whether he has finished his next album, James responded:

“I’ve got six completed. Two are very non-commercial, abstract, modular-synthesis, field recordings – those I finished four years ago. Another one is Melodies From Mars, which I redid about three years ago. There’s one of stuff I won’t go into; a comp of old tracks which is never really finished and always changing; and then one I’m working on now. There are also loads of tracks which don’t belong anywhere.”

Aphex Twin hasn’t released a “proper” studio album since 2001’s Drukqs, though 2006’s Chosen Lords compilation of singles from the Analord series was a worthy stop-gap. We’ve heard a couple of credible rumours from other sources about how, when and through what outlet new material will be released; as soon as we have something solid, we’ll let you know.



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