Fact’s F/W 2023 issue can be bought now from The Vinyl Factory’s online shop, the exhibitions at 180 Studios or from the stockists listed at the bottom of the page.

Evian Christ, BAMBII, UVA, Devon Turnbull and Es Devlin feature on the cover of Fact’s F/W 2023 issue, which shines a spotlight on artists who are creating remarkable experiences where art and music intersect.

This issue’s features include interviews with Devon Turnbull, whose serene Listening Room will find a permanent home at 180 Studios in 2023; BAMBII, the breakthrough DJ/producer inspired by her Jamaican roots who shapes not only how we listen to music, but how we gather and dance; Ibby Njoya, a 180 Studios resident, whose mesmerising, hyper-colourful digital paintings were produced exclusively for this issue; and Evian Christ and 33EMYBW, who are pushing electronic art in new directions, evident in both their music and creative collaborations for Fact 06.

The issue ties in with two spectacular new exhibitions currently being staged by 180 Studios and Fact – United Visual Artists’ largest show to date, Synchronicity, and Cosmos, an exhibition by Es Devlin for Gucci. Both artists contribute original artworks for this print issue, and both are as fundamentally inspired by sound as vision.

Also in Fact 06 is an original piece by writer and scholar McKenzie Wark, whose written homage to the transcendental power of club music is both deeply personal and universally powerful; an interview with American visual artist Tschabalala Self; and a feature exploring the artists and developers pushing video game sound in creative directions.

Fact’s F/W 2023 issue can be bought direct from The Vinyl Factory’s online shop, from Boutique Mags, the exhibitions at 180 Studios or from the stockists listed below.


180 Studios, London
Artwords, London 
Good News, London 
Magma, Covent Garden, London
Shreeji News, London 
MagCulture, London 
Magnum News, London 
Village, Leeds
Village, Manchester 
Rare Mags, Stockport 
Magazine Heaven, Rushden
Unique Mags, online
Iconic Mags, New York 
Avril50, Philadelphia 
Athenaeum, Amsterdam 
News&Coffee, Barcelona
Rosa Wolf, Berlin 
Gudberg Nerger, Hamburg
Papercut, Stockholm 
Eslite, Taiwan

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