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Got to be real: Krystal Klear’s 10 disco classics

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  • "I don't give a f*ck if people think it's cheesy...tune's a banger and I'll always play it."
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    21 Mar 2012
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Disco is not dead. And Krystal Klear is at least part of the reason why.

The Manchester DJ, a resident at Hoya:Hoya alongside Illum Sphere, Jon K and more knows his stuff, but he’s no disco bore – sure, he’s as fastidious and passionate as any respectable digger in his continual quest for rare and overlooked vinyl, but his primary concern is always the dancefloor. He loves disco because he knows that when handled right, it’s the ultimate party music.

Increasingly accustomed to being blown away by his DJ sets – not to mention his terrific FACT mix and original productions for Eglo and All City – we thought we’d glean some insider knowledge from KK and ask him to talk us through 10 disco records that he couldn’t live without. A man as appreciative of raw, minimal groove-loops (Skye’s ‘Ain’t No Need’) as he is of exuberant musicality (Gerrard Mallory’s ‘Lay It Down On Me’), he’s the ideal guide to the genre’s dynamic ’76-’84 golden era.

“I feel it’s necessary to explain beforehand that of course these records are listed in a random order,” he warns. “It would be an impossible task for me to chart my favorite of any genre in the world because there’s so much out there, but regardless, here’s a ten track selection of rare and known disco gems. Enjoy.”


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