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The 20 best mixtapes of 2013

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  • published
    3 Dec 2013
  • words by
    John Twells & Chris Kelly
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    Best of 2013
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1017 Thug

Of the hundreds of rap tapes that emerged in 2013, 1017 Thug is well and truly out on its own. Stylistically, Young Thug might be positioned somewhere alongside unpredictable Atlanta veteran Gucci Mane, but he takes what Brick Squad helped forge and shatters it into tiny pieces. His fragmented rhymes and diverse, sing-song style might initially sound like nails on a chalkboard for some listeners, but it’s to Thug’s credit that he’s actually made the sound his calling card. Out of the litany of rappers that attempted to take Future’s successful Pluto blueprint and run with it in 2013, there’s really only Young Thug who emerged with something startlingly original, and there’s the sense that it might have been accidental. Listen to ‘Picacho’, ‘2 Cups Stuffed’ or ‘Nigeria’ a few times and you’ll either be an addict or a hater.


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