Former Smiths frontman Morrissey has done his usual thing of offending everybody, this time by referring to Chinese people as a “subspecies”.

In an interview with The Guardian, the famed vegetarian described China’s attitude to animal rights as “absolutely horrific”. “Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.”

Oh, and speaking of pop stars with a habit of putting their foot in it, guess who’s had a very public Twitter breakdown? That’s right, it’s Kanye West.

On September 4, the rapper made close to fifty Tweets in the space of not very much time at all, talking about the vilification of him that followed his infamous interruption of Taylor Swift’s MTV award speech.

It accumulated with him apologising to Swift, and – wait for it – following her on Twitter, which means he now follows a whole two people (the other one’s Beiber; we guess Kanye stopped following that man from Coventry). Along the way he declared his love for country music (and caps lock), talked a lot about the concept of reality, and compared himself to both Robert DeNiro in Heat and Ron Burgundy in Anchor Man.

The whole thing was completely bizarre, and Kanye hasn’t Tweeted since, so the end results can still be seen here.

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