The avant-percussionist invites us into his home studio for a unique session.

Eli Keszler has been in high demand recently, collaborating with Laurel Halo on last year’s Raw Silk Uncut Wood and appearing as part of Oneohtrix Point Never’s MYRIAD live quartet.

After seeing Keszler in action and listening to his stunning 2018 album Stadium, which appeared in our list of the best albums of last year, as well as this year’s Empire EP, we realised we needed to find out how he would fare going Against The Clock.

Keszler invited us into his home studio to watch a hypnotic 10-minute jam on his cobbled-together practice setup, featuring a blend of electronic triggers and a variety of percussion instruments, including a steel tongue drum, a set of melodic crotales and a snare drum Keszler has had since he was 11 years old.

Eli Keszler will perform at Rewire Festival, which takes place in The Hague from March 29 – 31. Tickets are available now.

Filmed by: Jonathan Karam

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