Against The Clock is a series where we give an artist 10 minutes in the studio and see what they come up with.

EVEHIVE is the alias of Evellyn Tavares, a Brazilian producer and DJ born in Rio de Janeiro and now based São Paulo. Tavares is part of the Bandida collective founded by fellow São Paulo artist BADSISTA, and is also a member of Casa de Cosmos, a ballroom DJ crew based in Rio. EVEHIVE’s love of vogue is also explored through GlobalKunt, a party and label co-founded with b o u t.

On this episode of Against The Clock, we travelled to EVEHIVE’s studio in São Paulo, where we challenged her to make a track in 10 minutes. “It’s relative how long it takes me to make a track, if I’m making something on my own, then around five days or a week,” EVEHIVE says. “When it’s a collaboration or a soundtrack or something that needs external feedback or a release, then it takes longer – anything from a week to a month.”

For this session, EVEHIVE chose to explore Afro house and vogue styles, making the track using her simple setup of laptop, Ableton Live, a melody from from Spitfire Audio’s free LABS software instrument and drums played with an AKAI MPD218 MIDI controller. “(The controller) really helps to work my drums the way I like them, EVEHIVE says. “It really helps to create rhythm and makes life much easier.”

Follow EVEHIVE on Instagram and SoundCloud, and find her music at Bandcamp.

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