We’ve teamed up with music discovery app Pause for a celebration of things that go doof in the night.

Since FACT launched as a print mag in 2003, we’ve always closely covered techno – one of our very first articles was an interview with John Peel and Jeff Mills – and after several discussions with Pause (who’ve been collecting FACT articles for their regular round-ups for some time) about curating a genre-specific issue for their app, it seemed like the natural place to start.

If you head to Pause today, you’ll see a selection of the techno writing that we’re most proud of on FACT, from the aforementioned Mills and Peel piece to in-depth profiles of Regis, MMM and Neil Landstrumm, round ups of history’s greatest dub-techno and UK techno records, the 30 best techno records you’ve never heard, Stacey Pullen’s guide to the Detroit classics and more.

This isn’t a definitive guide by any means – techno’s history is vast and covers more than just the US and Europe, for a start – but both newbies to the genre and veterans alike should find something to get their teeth into here. Download Pause for iOS or Android to check out the goods – any suggestions for our next issue are much appreciated.



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