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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week we enjoyed an ultra-eclectic session from a digger extraordinaire, two hours of belters from the LuckyMe team, a dig through quieter side of The Field’s record collection and a round-up of the most essential rap tracks by women of the past 12 months. Multiple fire emojis.

Tako Reyenga
Juno Plus Podcast 118

As co-founder of brilliant archival label Music From Memory and second-hand store Redlight Records, Tako Reyenga is known for his formidable knowledge of hidden musical gems. As a recent interview with RA showed, he’s also got a massive record collection which he puts to good use on this mix for Juno Plus. The result is a strange trip through the music of Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company, industrial band Vox Populi!, Japanese composer Hiroshi Yoshimura and plenty more obscure artists.

Eclair Fifi and Joseph Marinetti
Rinse FM podcast

Eclair Fifi and Joseph Marinetti helmed the latest LuckyMe show on Rinse, and they just played belters, basically. Blasting off with some classic diva shapes courtesy of Kim Payton, they keep things jackin’ in all styles for two hours with wonky movements from Anthony Naples, Murlo’s mad-good ‘My Way’ remix, a throwback banger from Yudai Goto and more joyous cuts.

Music to… Explore the Cosmos

Bristol’s Lurka has quietly been making some of the city’s most unique club music of recent years, rewiring dubstep on Hotline Recordings and creating awkward dancehall for Black Acre. This mix for i-D shows just how deep his influences run, delivering a selection of music to “explore the cosmos”. It’s not your typical take on cosmic music, with Oneohtrix Point Never sitting next to Rose Royce’s 1978 classic ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore’, sprawling ambient tracks, uncanny vocal textures and even some lo-fi dub. One of the most inventive mixes you’ll hear this week.

No Boys 2K15

We’re flipping the bird to the rules, here, but FACT’s own Chris Kelly has made an essential mix of the year’s finest rap joints from the women of the profession, including the fearsome duo of Gangsta Boo and La Chat, breakthrough bawses Dej Loaf and Tink, and a whole host of unfairly underrated talent from across the board: Kari Faux, DonMonique, Honey Cocaine and many more.

Axel Willner
The Monte Veritá Mixes #1: The Buzzer

The Field is best known for his driving, hyper-melodic take on techno, and on the first of his Monte Veritá mixes, he offers a glimpse of the quieter parts of his collection. Seefeel, Oval, Gas, Stars of the Lid and more feature, providing an interesting insight into The Field’s musical make-up as well as a soothing session in its own right.

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