Full details of new, 70-track Oval album revealed

By , May 24 2010

Earlier this year, glitch music pioneer and general ’90s experimental touchstone, Markus ‘Oval‘ Popp, announced his return with a new single and album for Thrill Jockey.

We now have details of that album. Titled simply O, as opposed to Oh, which is the title of the EP that will precede it (scheduled for a June release), it features 70 new cuts from Popp over a double LP/CD. RA report that “despite their overtly avant-garde titles–not to mention their whopping tracklists–both records supposedly show a less cerebral side of Popp, emphasizing fundamentals like “scales, harmonics and melody… instead of theory and meta-discourse.”

“O will be available as a double CD and a double LP, though both have slightly different tracklists: on the vinyl release, Disc 1 of the CD is spread across the first three sides, while the fourth will feature six exclusive bonus tracks. To make up the difference, the LP will come with a download coupon that includes the entire CD release.”

Oval started as a three-piece, with Markus flanked by Sebastian Oschatz and Frank Metzger, but has been a solo project since 1995. Their music embraced the failure of digital equipment, deliberately allowing their sounds to fragment and warp due to time and mutilation, and releases came on labels such as Thrill Jockey, Mille Plateaux and Sub Rosa. The last Oval album was in 2001 .

Popp himself states that “after years of dissection and denial I wanted to try making ‘real’ music for a change. The design goals for the short side B tracks were to attain the sense of a familiar sound and ‘ringtone’. While it took me years to get the tech aspect down, the tracks themselves are pretty much recorded live and from here, I am very much looking forward to evolving this setup like a real band.”

You can hear a cut from Oh here. The tracklist and artwork for O (that’s the album, not the EP remember) can be found below.

01. Panorama
02. Ah!
03. Shhh
04. Glossy
05. Stop Motion
06. Sky
07. Beige
08. Brahms Mania
09. Cinematic
10. Cry
11. Cottage
12. I Heart Musik
13. Salamanca
14. Dolo
15. Dricas
16. Cyprus
17. Vessel
18. Dynamo
19. Finis
20. Emocor
21. Citybike
22. Oslo
23. ij
24. Rivo
25. Pomp
26. Blinky
27. Parallax
28. Koral
29. Kolor
30. Auto Matic
31. Dream Over
32. Pastell
33. Magnify
34. Drift
35. Allover
36. Derby
37. Flax
38. Bergen Best
39. Matinee
40. Kukicha
41. 6 AM
42. Flamingo
43. Rivo II
44. Goodbye
45. Fontan
46. Co-Echo
47. Stop Motion II
48. Vitesse
49. September
50. Voila
51. Vegas Top
52. Expo
53. Lonely
54. Java
55. Klack
56. Project Evergreen
57. Rainyday
58. Big City Nights
59. Rosammie
60. Gallo
61. May Tea
62. Chronograph
63. Jank
64. Breezy
65. Press
66. Form Faktor
67. Terminal
68. Karo
69. Swiss Summer
70. Happyend

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