Download Subeena’s low-riding house remix of Apache Beat

By , Sep 2 2010

One of our favourite up-and-coming producers, Subeena‘s style in unfixed and ever-evolving.

Having begun her career making dubstep with a capital D, her recent work has been more exploratory, tending towards stripped 4/4 rhythms and generally less oppressive atmospherics.

This track, a remix of promising New York five-piece Apache Beat (pictured), is basically low-slung house, militaristic drums offset by an uncommonly deft arrangement and sensitive treatment of her source material. Rather than foregrounding the original track’s vocal or doing away with it completely, the Londoner uses it almost an instrumental texture, prompting you to focus on the pure sonic character of the words rather than their literal meaning.

Download: Apache Beat – Another Day (Subeena Remix)

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