Best of 2010 #4: Jimmy Edgar, Cooly G, Ben UFO, FaltyDL

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Best of 2010 #4: Jimmy Edgar, Cooly G, Ben UFO, FaltyDL

Cooly G

1. Cooly G – Up in my Head (Hyperdub)
2. Simbad – Freaking You Refix
3. Kismet – Loose Screw Fix (Dub Organizer)
4. Mark Pritchard – Too Late Dub Main
5. Izmabad – Look Inside
6. Krystal Klear – Greensilver (Dub Organizer)
7. Arethis – Rugged Angels (Dub Organizer)
8. Osunlade – Same Thing (Atjazz)
9. DJ IC – Tales from Deep (Dub Organizer)
10. Root Beatz – Grasshopper

Photo: Josh Melvin-Gibbons

Top 10 records I bought second hand this year:

Ruff Sqwad – Lethal Injection/Pied Piper Vocals (RSQ004)
Tuff Jam feat. Xavier – Tumblin’ Down (MCS1003)
Ron Trent and Chez Damier – KMS054 (KMS054)
Afefe iku – Bodydrummin’ (YS-009.5)
Unlimited Touch – Searching to Find the One (EPC 13 1454)
House of Jazz – Club Swing Vol. 2 (UMW-2)
Stephanie Mills – Put your Body in it (TCD2415)
Chris Mack – Rydim 4 Ya (COEP 10)
Tom and Jerry – On and On (SHELL 011)
Smokin Beats – Times are Changing (SMB/011)

Label of the Year – Livejam

Jimmy Edgar

1. The secret diary of Laura Palmer
2. Traveling around the world this entire year and meeting so many lovely faces
3. Youtube does it again this year for me… dance tutorials, chord progressions, live videos, random shit, st sanders
5. The nonstop search of ’90s accapellas online and how easy it is today
6. John Carpenter’s soundtracks
7. The rise and fall of Witch house, very funny to me… Facebook symbols return, whatever
8. 24-70mm Lens for Canon 5D, full frame for these fashion films I’ve been shooting.. can’t forget finding a Yashica T4 for really cheap in Berlin
9. Has anyone else noticed the amount of amazing photography/imagery now online and used in blogs?
10. New artists… Addison Groove, Girl Unit, Jacques Greene, Lone

Photo: Shaun Bloodworth

Top 10 musical objects of 2010:

Shangaan Electro (New Wave Dance Music From South Africa) Honest Jon’s
All about ‘N’wagezani My Love’. Played it at a rave in Catania Sicily. Went off.

Snow and Taxis – Gold Panda
Honest dance music, made by an honest human being. There is a sense of humor that Gold Panda has with his music and his persona that I think gets lost amongst most todays producers. People wanna be tough, when they makin’ beats in their mommas attic.

1/2 of Instra:mental flexing his kick drums here. I imagine an analog compression machine quantitated in pounds per square inch, slamming 35,000 psi onto every single kick drum, and Boddika is behind the lever in the next room, turning them out like a factory.  oddika is pretty much turning heads already before a number of incredible releases next year.

Planet Mu
Taking yet another chance on my weird fucked up versions of Garage and House music this year. The men behind this label have a sort of infinite combined wisdom.   talk constantly with the whole team. And I always get something in return from them. Amazing output this year. And it’s only going to get better.

Footcrab Footcrab Footcrab Footcrab, Work Them Work Them Work Them Work Them

Deadly Deep Subs – Dillinja
Yeah tune is like 15 years old I know… but i just heard the other day so fuck you. Kidding.

The iChat conversations with Mark Pritchard of 2010.
I give one tune, I get 12 mastered wavs in return.  It doesn’t add up, he just has so much to give.

Krystal Klear
Man from Manchester.  Originally Ireland.  Heart in LA, Swagger in NYC.  Timely young producer with the world in his hands.

‘Popkorn’ (Doc Daneeka Knees up White Boy remix)
Could have chosen any tune of Doc’s this year.  Somthing about the bass bins on this one though… I find myself doing a mini medley of daneekas tunes in any given set.  Like Hold On-> Popkorn ->Fatherless remix, etc. and so on.

Oriol – Night and Day
Sorry but you’re not as smooth as he is.  No, nope, no.  Go try again.

Bonus no.11
Traveling all around the world this year, crossing the Atlantic 12 times, making friends, playing raves, sleeping little, making tunes, bursting pants seams on airplanes, moving apartments twice, studio breakthroughs, Irvine Welsh monologues, the death of Myspace, the rise of Twitter, the genre names, the genre truths, Unsound Krakow (WTF), London Bass, New York Trouble, Intimate gigs with heroes.