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10 producers to watch in 2011: part one

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  • The first half of our annual producers to watch round-up, with mini-mixes from each artist
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    11 Jan 2011
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Mini-mix #1: Melé

Melé’s just one of those people who makes you sore that you’re already in your twenties.

He’s 18, he’s been producing since he was 14, and he makes music that shines from every angle, glossy and peak-time but full of rhythmic inventiveness, and little virtuoso touches before drops that really set him apart. It’s also impossible to sample 3LW’s ‘No More’ and not be a badman; check his mini-mix and see what I mean.

Melé, introduce yourself.

“Hey I’m Krissy, I live near Liverpool and I make music and DJ.”

You’re still pretty young – when did you start producing, and what sort of stuff were you making?

“Yeah I’m still only 18, I started producing about four years ago making hip-hop and a bit of house. All I listened to back then was Dr. Dre, Dave Clarke and So Solid.”

What software/hardware do you build on?

“I just use Logic on my Mac, I’ve always had bits of old hardware but never used it to be honest! One of my things for 2011 is to use my hardware more.”

What releases do you have scheduled for this year?

“I have an EP coming very soon on Sinden’s Grizzly label, I’m also working on stuff for Ikonika and Optimum’s Hum and Buzz and also Dre Skull’s Mixpak.”

You had a remix on All Around the World last year which was a bit out the blue – how did that happen?

“Basically the agency I’m on, Your Army, got contacted by the label about possible remixers, I had a go at it and they liked it, which was wicked.”

How would you describe the stuff you make?

“I like to think it’s somewhere between house and grime, that’s what I try to do anyway, dont know if I’m successful or not! I just make music I like and I hope people like it I suppose.”

Tell us something we won’t know about you?

“I was once player of the year for a football team I played in for years, I ain’t kicked a ball in ages!”


Melé – Trappin
Melé – Digits
Melé – And Of The Son
Greenmoney Ft Mz Bratt – Who’s Greenmoney (Melé Remix)
Project Bassline – The Twelfth Step (Melé Remix 2)
Melé – Voulezvouz
Mumdance – Smasher (Melé Remix)
Melé – Pyrex Vision
Gucci Mane – Missing (Melé Remix Instrumental)
Melé – Kanopa Riddim
Samo Sound Boy – Taking It All (Melé Remix)
Melé – Dancer
Melé – Wheelie Riddim
Melé – I Swear Down
Skepta – Rescue Me (Melé Remix)
Melé – Squalie
Melé – Dopamine Riddim
Melé – Popping Tags

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