James Ferraro presents Night Dolls in London

By , Jan 21 2011

James Ferraro will perform live and screen some of his recent film work in London on Friday 28 January.

Artch in Bethnal Green will play host to a headline show from the big-haired half of Skaters and all-round hypnagogic pop progenitor. His set will draw primarily from his most recent album, Night Dolls With Hairspray – a pulsing, synthed-out invocation of the plastic chart fodder and TV gunk of his 90s childhood; at once his most poppy and exquisitely fucked up offering to date. His video montage work ploughs a similar furrow, and some of it has previously been screened at the Rome Film Festival.

Support comes from Felix Lee and Universal Swimsuit; tickets are a snip at £6, and available here.

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