Premiere: Ikonika goes EBM (sort of) on remix of Miracle

By , Mar 16 2011

The keen-eyed/eared among you will already have already registered the existence of Miracle, an intriguing new project from Daniel O’Sullivan and Steve Moore.

O’Sullivan is best known for live work with Sunn O))), while Steve Moore is one half of prog horror-disco types Zombi. The music they make together as Miracle is on a punchy, pulsating but nonetheless heart-rending EBM tip – and the remix of new single ‘The Visitor’ (forthcoming on House Anxiety) by Ikonika takes that flavour and runs with it. The results sound not unlike Depeche Mode retooled for the Hyperdub generation – strident electro-pop buttressed by groaning low-end and jabbing kicks. Stream and download it via SoundCloud below.

Miracle – The Visitor (Ikonika’s Visit From Ikonik Remix)

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