Stream Brenmar’s ‘Want Me’

By , Jun 23 2011

When FACT first met Brenmar, back in January, he introduced himself as someone who “makes clubs shake”. Turns out he was just being modest.

He’s still not released a massive amount – a scattering of remixes and a digital EP for Discobelle – but already he’s found his own niche, making club music that sports the best elements of rave, house and 2step, driven by a deep knowledge of regional hip-hop, American and Latin dance hybrids and more. This month, he’ll release a new EP for Grizzly which represents his best work to date.

The fiery red ‘Let Me Know (Tasting)’ has already been streaming on Brenmar’s Soundcloud; we’re today streaming another track from it, ‘Want Me’:

Brenmar – Want Me

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