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<em>Love Letters</em>
Love Letters

Words by Joe Muggs •  17th April 2014 • 
Available on: Because Music Look, I know I go on about this, but why isn't there a name for this? I keep trying to say “indietronica”, after all, it's indie bands with electronic instrument [...]
<i>Enter the Slasher House</I>
Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks
Enter the Slasher House

Words by Louis Pattison •  16th April 2014 • 
Available on: Domino Dave ‘Avey Tare’ Portner’s solo work has, so far, paled when placed next to that of his Animal Collective partner Panda Bear. The latter’s 2007 album Person Pitch  [...]
<i>Lines Describing Circles</i>
Peder Mannerfelt
Lines Describing Circles

Words by Maya Kalev •  15th April 2014 • 
Available on: Digitalis Lines Describing Circles is Peder Mannerfelt’s first solo LP under his given name, though his discography stretches in all directions, from his work as half of the ex [...]
<I>Weird Drift</i>
Weird Drift

Words by Louis Pattison •  15th April 2014 • 
Available on: Planet Mu Heterotic, the duo of Planet Mu founder Mike Paradinas and his wife Lara Rix-Martin, made their debut early last year with Love & Devotion. An album of sweetly text [...]

Words by Chris Kelly •  14th April 2014 • 
Available on: Top Dawg Entertainment “I love being called an R&B singer,” Solana “SZA” Rowe tweeted last year, “except not at fucking all.” Tagging her Soundcloud offerings as " [...]
<i>A Darker Frame</i>
David Harrow
A Darker Frame

Words by Joe Muggs •  11th April 2014 • 
Available on: Workhousedigital David Harrow is one of those people whose musical life is well worth tracing because it traverses all kinds of hidden places in the cracks between scenes and gen [...]
Ai Aso

Words by Maya Kalev •  11th April 2014 • 
Available on: Ideologic Organ Lone’s title couldn’t be more fitting. Its seven brief songs consist of just Ai Aso’s guitar, keyboard and vulnerable vocals. They’re recorded live, the p [...]
Various / Power Vacuum

Words by Angus Finlayson •  9th April 2014 • 
Available on: Power Vacuum These days, it seems, each post-Blawan dancefloor terroriser is younger than the last. Which is not necessarily a bad thing - after all, few over-25s have the seroto [...]
<i>After Forever</i>
Joey Anderson
After Forever

Words by Angus Finlayson •  8th April 2014 • 
Available on: Dekmantel  “I'm doing such a favour to the listener, getting them to hear this guy,” Levon Vincent said of Joey Anderson back in 2012. The occasion was Vincent’s Fabric  [...]

Words by Alex Macpherson •  7th April 2014 • 
Available on: Local Action Perhaps the moment that best encapsulates DJ Q's much-belated debut artist album Ineffable comes just over a minute into its closer, 'Be Mine'. "I'm down to give my  [...]
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