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<em>Too Bright</em>
Perfume Genius
Too Bright

Words by Aimee Cliff •  30th September 2014 • 
Available on: Matador Microaggressions are so called because they barely even register in the minds of the aggressors. They’re the embedded, subliminal ways in which dominant groups - without [...]
<em>War God</em>
DJ Spoko
War God

Words by Louis Pattison •  25th September 2014 • 
Available on: Lit City Trax Before Spoek Mathambo, Shangaan electro and Die Antwoord blew up, South Africa’s electronic underground enjoyed brief global attention off the back of 2008’s ‘ [...]
<i>Suzi Ecto</i>
Call Super
Suzi Ecto

Words by Maya Kalev •  23rd September 2014 • 
Available on: Houndstooth Almost exactly 20 years ago, Michael Howard’s Conservative government introduced the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, an Act of Parliament intended to re [...]
<i>Punish, Honey</i>
Punish, Honey

Words by Louis Pattison •  22nd September 2014 • 
Available on: Tri Angle The tendency to reduce contemporary music to a string of past reference points is one of the more depressing tendencies of both cultural criticism and consumer culture, [...]
Lee Gamble

Words by Angus Finlayson •  12th September 2014 • 
Available on: PAN "I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to suggest that a lot of drone music is doing essentially the same formal things as certain sorts of dance music albeit on a dif [...]
Simian Mobile Disco

Words by Louis Pattison •  11th September 2014 • 
Available on: ANTI- New rave, for the most part, was a bunch of indie groups taking on the iconography of dance music, but not the sound or instrumentation. For James Ford and Jas Shaw, though, [...]

Words by Angus Finlayson •  10th September 2014 • 
Available on: Planet Mu  Every few years a genre term like “outsider house” comes along. The person who coins it (in this case Ben UFO, via Juno Plus’ Scott Wilson) regrets it. The mus [...]
<em>Dark Pool</em>
Black Rain
Dark Pool

Words by Louis Pattison •  9th September 2014 • 
Available on: Blackest Ever Black While emerging from the same no-wave ferment that birthed Suicide, Glenn Branca and No New York, it was in Europe that the minimalistic noir electronics of Ik [...]
<i>My Everything</i>
Ariana Grande
My Everything

Words by Aimee Cliff •  8th September 2014 • 
Available on: Republic On the face of it all, Ariana Grande has managed that transition from children’s TV actor to VMAs-performing popstar with fewer hitches than most. Her current Twitter p [...]
Half Japanese

Words by Louis Pattison •  3rd September 2014 • 
Available on: Joyful Noise Earlier this year I spoke to Jad Fair, who recounted the run of dates that his band, Half Japanese, played supporting Nirvana on tour in 1993. Nirvana had just follow [...]
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