Bjørn Torske returns with Kokning

By , Sep 13 2010

Norwegian producer Bjørn Torske, who counts Prins Thomas and FACT among his biggest fans, is to release a new album through Smalltown Supersound on November 1.

The album is entitled Kokning, which apparently refers to a time-honoured style of Norwegian meal preparation: putting potatoes on to boil, going out to sea to catch a fish, then returning to cook the fish. Well, in essence. It’s the follow-up to his excellent Feil Knapp album of 2007, and is rooted more in acoustic recordings of sounds, instruments and objects than its programming-heavy predecessor. Style-wise, it takes in cosmic disco, krautrock, digi-dub, weird electronics and no small amount of “skrankle-house” – the sub-genre invented by Torske and the late Erot, and inspired by the anything-goes-as-long-as-it-has-a-tough-house-pulse aesthetic of the Idjut Boys.

The first 12” from the album (details TBA) will feature a remix by DJ Harvey, and the album’s cover art is by Kim Hiorthøy.

1. Kokning
2. Bryggesjau
3. Gullfjellet
4. Langt Fra Afrika
5. Bergensere
6. Slitte sko
7. Nitten nitti
8. Versjon Wolfenstein
9. Furu

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