A reflection on involuntary separation, showing as part of CTM’s Cyberia programme.

Iranian producer Sote and Dutch audiovisual artist Tarik Barri are no strangers to collaboration, having worked together on Sacred Horror In Design, an A/V project developed from a commission by CTM Festival in 2017.

On their latest project, Forced Absence, showing as part of CTM 2021’s virtual space Cyberia, the duo reflect on various forms of involuntary human separation – from families, loved ones and countries, because of either domestic or global tyranny, and the pandemic.

CTM says: “The subjective experience thereof is what’s expressed here: isolation as aggression, as sadness, as resignation and as insanity, merged with beauty and hope as the longing for that which we wish to embrace, however obscured, remains the engine that moves us forward.”

Forced Absence can be experienced inside Cyberia until March 14, 2021. Find more highlights from CTM 2021’s programme in our archive.

Warning: Contains flashing images


Composition: Sote
Video: Tarik Barri
Supported by Goethe-Institut

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