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Fact Mix 817: Malibu

Ambient tastemaker Malibu weaves together a gossamer patchwork of slow selections for her transcendent Fact mix.

Ever since her unforgettable appearance on PAN’s essential mono no aware compilation all the way back in 2017, French producer Malibu has been busy excavating new seams of ambient, ethereal beauty. Whether producing as Malibu, or releasing stunning ambient pop edits as DJ Lostboi, she picks a delicate thread through the landscape of contemporary electronic and experimental music, joining the dots between Kelly Moran and Evian Christ, casting magic spells on Charli XCX and lending her cinematic vocal stylings to Oliver Coates and Dark0. Approaching her source material with a singular regard for the gauzy and gorgeous, Malibu teases her ambient palette into new and exciting places.

For her Fact mix, Malibu collates a stunning selection of what she describes as “music to count shooting stars to”, weaving together a gossamer patchwork of unreleased material, new favorites, contributions from friends and collaborators, as well as some Eurotrance standards, all slowed to a bewitching crawl. Complete with dreamy field recordings and Terrence Malick-esque whispers, Malibu’s Fact mix picks you up on a transcendent updraft and deposits you on the shores of Camargue, pearlescent sea foam lapping around your ankles.

One Life: four remixes, featuring Julianna Barwick, John Beltran, Kelly Moran and Evian Christ, is out now, via UNO NYC. Tune into Malibu’s monthly NTS show, United In Flames, and find her on Instagram.


Deep Forest — Sweet Lullaby
Himera — ??? (Malibu Mix)
Evian Christ — Ultra
Lorn — Spinning In A Dream
Malibu — ???
Guru Josh Project — Infinity
Malibu — ???
Salt Tank — Eugina
Push — Strange World
Doss — Strawberry
4 Strings — Day Time
Damso — 911

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