Our first performance from the 2021 edition of Italy’s Nextones Festival comes from the Japanese artist, whose practice centres around waterbowls and hydrophones.

Fact has partnered with Italy’s Nextones Festival to bring you highlights from this year’s event, which takes place at Cava La Beola di Monte, a historic quarry located between the shores of Lake Maggiore and Val D’Ossola.

Our first performance is from Yokohama-born, Paris-based artist Tomoko Sauvage, whose musical practice centres around a self-designed “natural synthesizer” built with waterbowls and hydrophones that capture and amplify the sound of every drop, ripple, bubble and wave created as she play the instrument.

Fact will be presenting more video highlights from the festival this Friday, Saturday and Sunday on our website, YouTube and Instagram. For more information on the festival, including lineup and ticket sales, visit the Nextones website.

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