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Fact Mix 860: Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey serves a sweat-drenched selection of the steamiest tracks pulled from the sexiest corners of the Latinx club scene worldwide.

DJ, producer and gal-dem’s resident astrologer Manuka Honey is one of the brightest lights of the Latinx club scene in the UK, folding in sounds from the breadth of the Latinx diaspora alongside sharper-edged shades of gqom and the bludgeoning weight of industrial into an irresistibly steamy and undeniably charged sound. Over the last three years they have mixed for Rinse FM, Club Chai, BOXOUT.FM and BBC Asian Network, released their own productions and remixes for Promesses, Daytimers and YCO, most notably their debut EP, Industrial Princess, for NAAFI, all whilst writing an invaluable horoscope column, kindly dispensing enough zodiac wisdom to guide us through the swirling chaos of the last few years. More recently, together with Baby Cocada, she founded SUZIO, a London-based, Latinx collective and party, which she describes as “an intentional space to hear the hottest sounds from across the LatAm underground.” The first SUZIO party will see Toccororo, Sueuga, Florentino, Nyksan, as well as Baby Cocada and Manuka Honey themselves, tearing up The Grace on June 18.

Manuka Honey’s Fact mix is the perfect warm up, serving a sweat-drenched selection of the steamiest tracks pulled from the hottest dance floors throughout the Latinx club scene worldwide. “As always, I wanted to showcase the darkest, sexiest, most unhinged beats I could find in my library,” they say. “From Venezuelan turreo sessions to shatta from Martinique, the guiding principle I used when creating this piece was remembering my love of tying together sounds that share a vibe, not a genre. You’ll also find quite a few of my own productions and remixes scattered throughout the mix, too.” She continues: “I built this mix in Ableton. I love building mixes in Ableton so much. I’m a perfectionist and often treat mixes and radio shows like one big track I’m producing, and that’s exactly what I’ve done here. I suppose that means if anyone tells me the mix isn’t perfect I’ll probably cry.”

Bouncing elegantly from contemporary reggaeton anthems from DJ Gere, Lautaro DJ, Alan Gomez and Plan B, deadly perreo variations from Nick Léon and Luciano DJ and low-slung shatta from X-Man, JD&JDS and Shaydee to future-facing Latinx club artillery from Arca, Merca Bae, Cardopusher, Imaabs and King Doudou, sweltering edits from MODABOT & MANNYDOJO, Jags 639, Amor Satyr and Miss Jay, riotous baile funk from DJ Scuff, JC NO BEAT, MC Teteu and DJ F7, as well an unreleased Florentino hookup with DJ Python and Manuka Honey’s own lip-biting take on steamroom reggaeton and beyond, this is one for sunny ragers and debauched basements, to be played as loud as you possibly can.

You can find Manuka Honey on Instagram, Bandcamp and at gal-dem. Their next release arrives in the autumn on Florentino’s Club Romantico.


DJ Gere x Lautaro DJ – ‘BAJALO SUAVE’
Safety Trance – ‘Agarra Lo Que Es Tuyo’
Alan Gomez, Lucas Rmx & Matias Mareco DJ – ‘Raka Taka Taka’
DJ Tao & John C – ‘JOHN C DJ TAO Turreo Sessions #4’
Beta Canseco – ‘Jadea’
Manuka Honey – ‘Noise Complaint’
Nick Leon – ‘Bachetrón’ 
Arca – ‘Tiro’ 
Zona Instrumental – ‘Sacala’
Luciano DJ – ‘Intro Teléfono Perreo’ [Feat. Mister Remix]
Plan B – ‘Hora De Perrear’
X-Man – ‘Pon Di Beat’ [Feat. Shannen & Natoxie]
JD&JDS – ‘Copilote XTD’ 
Merca Bae – ‘Bubbaloo’
Shaydee – ‘Kipembe’
King Doudou – ‘LSDLNG’
DJVivaEdit – ‘Call All The Putas (Party Break)’
Baby Cocada – ‘BPR’
Entrañas, PVSSY – ‘Calor’ (Jags 639 Remix)  
Manuka Honey – ‘Industrial Princess’
GLOR1A – ‘Running Man’ (Manuka Honey Remix)
Dixson Waz – ‘KLK Coño’
Florentino – ‘Sicaria’ [Feat. DJ Python] (Unreleased)
Amor Satyr – ‘Ward 21 x DJ Lag’
Manuka Honey – ‘Pestañas’
Imaabs – ‘Crush’
st.grimes – ‘Lenta’ (Miss Jay Remix)
DJ Scuff – ‘Clap Clap’
JC NO BEAT, MC Teteu & DJ F7 – ‘Eu Vou Machucar Só um Pouquinho X (Black Lança) Catucando Gostosinho’

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