Fact Mix: Josh Caffé

Josh Caffé leans into some of the harder and faster sounds you might catch him playing out for his Fact Mix.

Josh Caffé has been a fixture of the London scene for over a decade, bringing his steamy blend of classic Chicago house, UK acid and ’00s hip-hop and pop music to some of the city’s most essential parties and raves. The DJ, vocalist, producer and activist holds a beloved residency at Fabric, where he curates the legendary Sunday queer party Love Child. Fresh from a turn as vocalist for Paranoid London, Caffé is set to release his debut album for Erol Alkan’s Phantasy, recorded in collaboration with Paranoid London’s Quinn Whalley and Fat White Family saxophonist Alex White.

Following singles ‘Do You Want To Take Me Home?’, ‘Do You Want To Take Me Home? Pt. 2 (Still In The Club)’ and ‘Meine Lederjeans,’ which include remixes from Steffi & Virginia and Paranoid London respectively, the album looks to develop Caffé’s irresistibly lusty take on vocal house while channeling the spirit of his idols Prince and Grace Jones with equal parts playfulness and sensuality.

For his Fact mix, Caffé leans into some of the harder and faster sounds you might catch him playing out these days. “I’ve been experimenting with more ’90s melodic techno and tribal sounds in my DJ sets recently,” he explains. “I wanted this mix to be an extension of that.” Licking through pacy cuts from TYGAPAW, KVLR, Dan Curtin and Dream Concept, as well remixes from Frank De Wulf, Dave Angel and Mr. Marvin, with an unmistakeable groove, Josh Caffé brings the energy and the seduction.

You can find Josh Caffé on Instagram.


Sympletic – ‘Flu Man’
AKRONYM – ’04 No Need’
Mark Quail – ‘Frostbite’
TYGAPAW – ‘GLAMOUR Riddim’ [Feat. George Riley]
Senseless – ‘Play The Piano’
Rennie Foster – ‘Midnight Sun’ [Feat. Ely] (Motech Mix)
KVLR – ‘The Navigator’
Biosphere – ‘Novelty Waves’ (Frank De Wulf Remix 2)
Dan Curtin – ‘A23’
Ken Ishii – ‘Overlap’ (Dave Angel Remix)
Shawn Snell – ‘Karmatar Station’ (The Journey Home)
Lemon Sol – ‘Rhythm is Life’ (Part Two)
Ramirez – ‘La Musika Tremenda’ (Mr. Marvin Rmx)
Parks & Wilson – ‘My Orbit’ (Parks & Wilsons’ Breakdown Mix)
Dream Concept – ‘Shy Kid’ (War Mix)

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