Fact Mix: Piezo

Milanese club alchemist Piezo celebrates his love for percussion in a winding trip through global drum styles.

Showcasing his technical skill and renown for galaxy brain sound design through an expanse of unexpected selections, gear shifts and three-deck gymnastics, Piezo barrels through the contemporary sound of the drum in its various forms. Between INVT’s humid, dub-drenched triplets, DJ Gigola’s water-logged frog-step and the crystalline chug of his own track, ‘Skinner,’ Piezo pays homage to the influence of UK sounds on his sonic palette, the result of a formative period living in Bristol which led to releases on bass-heavy institutions Idle Hands, Swamp81, Wisdom Teeth and Version.

Elsewhere, he explores modern interpretations of percussive traditions. AGOSTINO enacts a rapid-fire dissection of the frame drums used Pizzica Salentina, the traditional music of his native Salento, a gesture that references early experiments during the ’90s to develop tecnopizzica on some of the first commercially available computers in Italy. Argentinian producers EL PLVYBXY and Remisería Temperley inject indigenous Latin rhythms with club pressure on the bleary guaracha-tech ear worm ‘Insomniaa’ and the joyous clatter of ‘Pegale Suave Cumpa’ respectively, while Oyubi puts the Taiko drum through its paces on ‘Taiko160’. The result is a dizzying celebration of dance floor variety, a reflection of Piezo’s omnivorous tastes and endless appetite for sound system experimentation.

Piezo’s latest EP, Cyclic Waves, is out now on Nervous Horizon. You can find Piezo on Instagram, Bandcamp and SoundCloud.


Le Frit – ‘Crabification’
Toupaz – ‘Unreleased’
YCO Cru – ‘Unreleased’
INVT – ‘Zicatela’
Warzou – ‘Addictive Program’
DJ Gigola – ‘Affirmation Practice’
3Phaz – ‘Red Strobe’
Josi Devil x Kouslin – ‘Unreleased’
Piezo – ‘Skinner’
Radeco Domar – ‘Ardor’
EL PLVYBXY – ‘Insomniaa’
Toumba – ‘Qasf’
MC Rose Da Treta & DJ Kaio VDM – ‘700 POR HORA X ME FODE FDP’
GЯEG & King Doudou – ‘Dembow Tronico (Simo Cell Kayako Saeki Remix)’
Remisería Temperley – ‘Pegale Suave Cumpa’
Tremble – ‘Bwoy’
Impérieux – ‘Desert Viper’
Al Wooton – ‘Remelino’
Piezo – ‘Ottovolante’
Elsa – ‘Left My Feelings’
Mor Elian – ‘Double Dip’
Capiuz – ‘Peaux’
Conejx – ‘Amanecer’
Oyubi – ‘Taiko160’
Sun People – ‘Reconnect’
Agostino – ‘RITORNO (Piezo Remix)’
Taleko – ‘Robmat’
DJ Prime Cuts – ‘Norwood G’

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