Fact Mix: Bianca Scout

Bianca Scout rediscovers her love for the music of her most formative years.

“At the end of last year I had a big re-up of the shit I forgot I had madly listened to, like retracing steps, you know you just keep going and some things go and some things stay,” writes Bianca Scout in a typically energetic, stream-of-consciousness email explaining her singular contribution to Fact’s mix series. “Some things I’ve added to the mix have remained, acting like they were hidden for all this time, but to my joy they have resurfaced. I wanted to include some of this music that has been influential to me, from one shore to the next. I would say this mix is like five different conversations, happening all at the same time.” We can confirm this is exactly as head-scrambling and brilliant as it sounds.

Emerging out of the same haunting strangeness of Scout’s medieval pop, cyber folk odyssey, The Heart of the Anchoress, her mix unravels as a restless, ADHD patchwork of post rock, ’00s pop, dubstep, chiptune and choral music, loosely stitched together with fragments of voice notes and diaristic asides from Scout herself. It’s the sound of the digital residue of a lost laptop wrung out into a non-linear narrative, like discovering a lost folder of your favorite songs from your most formative and tender years. Avril Lavigne gets stretched out and snapped back into shape, Caspa & Rusko wrestle for attention with 65 Days Of Static and ‘Miserere Mei, Deus’ gets chopped and screwed.

Forgotten breakcore experimenters Oddioblender get rescued from the deepest depths of message board obscurity, while Scout casts YouTube sensation D4nny in the most unexpected duet we never knew we desperately needed. As the dust settles, we close on a generous wealth of unreleased and upcoming material from the multi-disciplinary artist, including a thrilling glimpse of new music from Marina Zispin, Scout’s cold wave-channeling collaboration with UK power electronics mainstay Martyn Reid. Between the aching heart throb of ‘Flowers In The Sea’ and irresistible synth pop ecstasy of ‘Surprise Party,’ we couldn’t be more excited about where Bianca Scout is going to take us next.

You can find Bianca Scout on Instagram.


65 Days Of Static – ‘Don’t Kill Me’
Lumidee – ‘Never Leave (Jersey Club Remix)’
65 Days Of Static – ‘Retreat! Retreat! (Mothboy Remix)’
DJ Solo – ‘What Have You Done?’
DJ Smalls – ‘Cupid’
65 Days Of Static – ‘Little Victories’
Caspa & Rusko – ‘Cockney Thug’
Sabrepulse – ‘Enter, Chip Warrior’
Forever – ‘Conquest’
DJ Erik JP & DJ Patrick – ‘Automotive Extradimensional’
Caspa – ‘Big Headed Slags’
65 Days Of Static – ‘Born Apart’
Coi Leray – ‘Players’ (DJ Smalls Jersey Club Remix)
Sabrepulse – ‘Twin Chevron Action (Remix)’
Bianca Scout – ‘Worldes Blis Ne Last No Throwe (Remix)’ (Unreleased)
Oddioblender – ‘Genghis Khan (Give Daddy The Knife -25)’
Bianca Scout – ‘This City Had A Wall’
Bianca Scout – ‘Kiss’ (Unreleased)
Dr. Light – ‘Esternphilos’
Bianca Scout – ‘Lead Us’ (Upcoming , Sferic)
D4nny – ‘Goodbye’
Bianca Scout – ‘Passage / Reversal / Fortune’ [Feat. Nwakke] (Upcoming, Sferic)
Bianca Scout – ‘Glitch City / A Thousand Voices’ (Unreleased)
Bianca Scout – ‘Bianca’s Interlude’ (Unreleased)
Bianca Scout – ‘Empty Space’
Marina Zispin – ‘Flowers In The Sea’ (Upcoming, Night School)
Marina Zispin – ‘Surprise Party’ (Upcoming, Night School)

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