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The Essential… Jeff Mills

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  • The techno godhead guides us through the highlights of his peerless back catalogue.
  • published
    4 Nov 2011
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    Jeff Mills
    The Essential...
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‘Now That’s Funky’

Incredible music produced by Mills and Anthony Srock in ’89, born out of their love for European industrial sounds. The collaboration didn’t last long, but long enough to yield Deep In 2 The Cut, a unique, criminally little-known LP of raw, seedy and house-inflected EBM.

Jeff Mills: “I’m not quite sure how I first met Tony Srock (it was too long ago), but we decided to put together a industrial/techno band. This was a time in Detroit when the lines between industrial dance and Techno were blurred. Many people were listening to things they weren’t supposed to. We got together and formed a band called Final Cut. We were inspired by bands like Consolidated, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Ministry, Greater Than One, etc. The Detroit Techno scene was rising and we wanted to create a unit that was the medium between the two styles. To create something new.

“Through this band, we were invited to Berlin in 1989 to be in a New Music Festival given by Interfisch Records (now known as Tresor Records). We met many people there that I quickly became good friends with. After this trip, I decided to leave the band because the satanic thrash rock direction Srock wanted to go in wasn’t something I care too much for. I wanted to stay focused on dance music.”


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