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The Essential… Jeff Mills

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  • The techno godhead guides us through the highlights of his peerless back catalogue.
  • published
    4 Nov 2011
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    Jeff Mills
    The Essential...
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‘Eye Of The Storm’

Having jumped the increasingly rockist Final Cut ship, Mills donned a ski-mask to co-found Underground Resistance. UR of course distilled disparate influences – Motown soul, acid, electro, industrial – into a heady cocktail of hi-tech funk, served up with plenty of oppositional rhetoric, and their towering contribution to music and culture warrants an Essential of its own (watch this space).

JM: “While in Final Cut, I met Mike Banks and his then band, Members Of The House, through a colleague at the radio station WJLB. She asked if I could go by a recording studio and meet them to listen to what they were working on at the time. While working on the music for Final Cut, I used to borrow Mike’s keyboards (he had many) and he would sometimes listen to what Tony and I were doing. When I left Final Cut, Mike and I stayed in contact. He told me that he had concept of band called Underground Resistance and asked if I would be interested in forming it with him.

“We didn’t exactly start from zero, Mike had been with his band for quite a while and had a long experience with live performance and working with many established artists and lots of keyboards. I had lots of experience with sound recording techniques, editing equipment and a basic knowledge about record manufacturing, distribution and licensing, etc. By that time, from the radio, I taught myself how to use music conceptually, so when we merged together we both had many ideas to discuss. So, almost from the beginning, it was a full blown studio and we could get to work right away.”



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