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The Essential… Jeff Mills

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  • The techno godhead guides us through the highlights of his peerless back catalogue.
  • published
    4 Nov 2011
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    Jeff Mills
    The Essential...
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(UNDERTOW 12″, 1993)

‘Dark Matter’

Simply primetime Mills, an insane amount of funk teased out of a pounding martial kickdrum and then liberally splashed with acid.

JM: “‘Dark Matter’ reflects a darker side of Techno Music. The track was made as a remix of another title. Out of courtesy, I submitted 2-3 tracks to the artist, so that he could choose one for the remix. Instead, the artist of that track decided to release them all and name this one as ‘Black Matter’. Worst yet, under my name as the artist. This wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did and I regret ever working on this project. It’s partially because of this experience that I do not make re-mixes anymore.”


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